18 March 2012

An Apparition of Fairembalance, the Fox Goddess

Dear Dr. Bones,


Libræqua Vulpium
(( She Who Must Be Obeyed ))

came to humble Paddy in a vision last night, asking "¿How do the Democrats divide in Massachusetts?"

To which honesty could but reply, "On our fingers, ma’am. Except maybe a fewvolks in the immediate vicinity of MIT."

Herself then solemnly warned this coarse and illiterate keyboard that
[O]ut of stater (_sic_) conservatives... think Massachusetts is full of organic-eating, American-hating, gay-loving, chesse-eating surrender monkey, commies who can’t relate to . . .

(( ¿Surely somebooby entrepreneurial on Newbury St. or Tory Row makes edible (and of course ‘organic’) chesse pieces? If they do the rooks with elephants, I might order a few cases myself. ))

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